Skin Type

Mature and Very Dry Skin
Wrinkles appear, dull skin, lack of radiance


Ingredients & Effects

1. Replenishing Peptidic Complex
- Anti-Wrinkle action. Boost the synthesis of skin molecules, reactivating cell regeneration.

2. Caviar Bio-Marine Complex
- A key active ingredient replicating the skin's own vital complexes, essential for a youthful complex.

3. Iris Flavonoids
- Helps to counteract the slowdown of natural skin functions.

4. Shea Butter (Very rich in unsaturated fatty acids)
- Exceptional regenerating properties. Intense nutrition for skin.

5. Liposome-Vitamin C Complex
- Improves skin radiance. Fights against irregular melanin production.


How to use

Apply morning and evening on perfectly cleansed skin.