Meso-Filler Eye Contour Essence is revolutionary tightening effect serum that uses the latest medical innovation. Its fast action triggers an instant and visible reduction of wrinkles and bags under the eyes. The powerful LIFTING MINERALS MICROSPHERES COMPLEX combine with Tri-peptides in a special delivery system of microscopic spheres, resulting in high-speed absorption for an immediate skin lifting effect. With daily use, wrinkles appear smoother, eyelids become visibly firmer and hydrated and dark circles fade away, making the eyes look wider.


Skin Type

All skin types


How to use

Apply a small amount to finger-tip and spread product from inner eye corner to outer, gently tapping until full absorption. Wait about 3 minutes without stressing the facial muscles to allow the product to settle optimally.

Shake the tube before each use.

Excessive product may generate a slight white shade which is removable with toner.