Skin Type

All skin types



This Infinite Rejuvenating Treatment prevents signs of aging. Cutting edge technology rejuvenates and revitalizes all skin types.


Ingredients & Effects

1. Skin-Identical Collagen Peptides
- Stimulate collagen synthesis in the skin by signaling regeneration

2. Soluble Collagen
- Increases radiance and even skin tone

3. Phyto Stem Cell Extract
- Protects and activates the dermal stem cells for faster cell renewal and increased longevity

4. Natural Moisturize Factor
- Plumps up and firms skin by retaining water in the stratum corneum
- Replenishes the skin's moisture


How to use

1. Shake well before use
2. Hold spray in an upright position
3. Close your eyes and spray evenly on cleansed face and neck
4. Gently massage until complete absorption