Skin Type:

All skin types 

Product Description:

Ideal for a fresh and luminous complexion, this creamy mask with Pink Clay gently eliminates impurities and toxins, providing instant radiance. Its soft and enveloping creamy texture purifies the skin without feeling tight, and is suitable for all skin types. Its formula is enriched with prebiotic plant extracts that help provide balanced healthy skin. The skin is clean, soft and beautiful and its natural radiance is restored.

Ingredients & Effects:

1.Pink Clay

Absorbs impurities, detoxifies and cleanses the skin. 

A mixture of red and white clays, it combines the benefits of these two types of clay: healthy glow from red clay, softening and soothing effects from white clay. 

Its absorbent power purifies the skin without drying it out. 

Rich in minerals and trace elements, pink clay restores radiance to tired skin, and is the ally of dull complexions.

2.Rosemary extract


3.Fermented prebiotic extracts of Apple and Matcha Tea

-Apple: soothing, purifying

-Matcha tea: rich in vitamins, minerals, antioxidant. 

Thanks to the fermentation process, these extracts  are enriched with prebiotic micronutrients which are beneficial to the skin microbiome*. 

They help protect and strengthen the skin's ecosystem.

4.Florence Iris Extract 

-Soothing, purifying

How to use:

1 to 3 times a week depending on the skin’s need: 

Apply a medium to thick layer to clean skin, avoiding the eye and mouth areas.

Leave it on for 10 minutes. 

Thoroughly rinse off the mask with lukewarm water and then finish with a splash of cool water. Gently dry and tone.


100% of users recommend this treatment*!

From the very first application*: 

100%: fresher complexion

100%: The skin is purified, without being dried out

100%: matified skin

95%: clearer skin

After one month of use, twice a week*:

✓100%: purified, detoxified skin

✓100%: healthier, balanced skin

✓100%: reduced imperfections

✓95%: brighter complexion

✓90%: less visible skin pores

* Consumer satisfaction test - 20 women - application twice a week - 4 weeks


75ml Tube .