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Skin Type

Mature skin in search of a luxurious global anti-ageing action


Ingredients & Effects

Star α-Absolu Complex 20%

1. Regeneration: Divine Gold Complex
- Boost synthesis of collagen, to enhance the cellular regeneration cycle.

2. Revitalisation: Diamond Powder, Bio-Marine Complex
- Immediate 100% revitalisation effect.

3. Restructuration: Date Palm Pure Active Cells
- Restructure the cutaneous barrier and prevent the skin from drying.

4. Firming: Saffron Pure Active Cells
- Strengthen collagen fibres and protect against free radicals.

5. Nutrition: Argan Oil
- Rich in essential fatty acids. Intense nutrition for the skin.

6. Radiance: Dark Micro-Algae Extract
- Inhibites tyrosinase, a key enzyme in production of melanin.

7. Hydra-Restructuring: Hydra-Restructuring Hyaluronic Complex
- Highly moisturizing; water-retaining power, water-binding capacity.

8. Anti-Oxidation: Vitamin E
- Powerful anti-oxidant, protects skin from free radicals.


How to use

As a luxurious anti-ageing shield, this skincare can be used:
- daily : morning and evening on the face and neck perfectly cleansed.
- as an intensive 2 months treatment : for a beauty boost effect on the skin.