Skin Type

All skin types - Lack of hydration and radiance; under-eye puffiness and dark circles, looseness of ocular


Ingredients & Effects

1. Hyaluronic Acid (Cristalhyal)
- Leaves a subtle protective film on the skin’s surface, creates a real moisture reservoir to stores the exceptional ability to retain water into skin, moisturizing skin.
- Regains skin softness, supple feel.

2. Green Coffee Extract
- Stimulates skin surface micro-circulation, helps smooth and decongest under eye puffiness with its drainage-enhancing action.

3. Blue Lotus
- Stimulates cellular respiration, encourages the elimination of toxins
- Helps to reduce the problem of dark circles and visible signs of fatigue

4. White Water-Lily
- Firms skin and delays the appearance of cellular ageing while stimulating the synthesis of collagen fibers
- Diminish wrinkles and fine lines; helps eye contour area to regain firmness and brightness


How to use

Morning and Night. Apply the eye gel from the inner corners of the eyes outwards with light smoothing and tapping movements. For finishing touch, apply the Triple Action Eye Gel to the area below the brow bone.