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Skin Type

- Expression lines & wrinkles appear on eye & lip contour area, puffiness, dark circles
- Allows the right quantity for daily use for a 1 month treatment


Ingredients & Effects

1. Hexapeptide Complex & Hyaluronic Acid
- Reduce wrinkles & erase expression lines, plumps & smoothes skin & relax facial micro-tensions.

2. Bio-Marine Complex & 8 Amino Acids
- A key active ingredient replicating the skin’s own vital complexes, essential for a youthful complex.

3. Tetrapeptide Complex & Micro-Algae Extract
- With draining properties, decongest and strengthen the firmess of eye contour, reduce dark circles


How to use

Apply morning and evening over the eye and lip contour (not on lips)

- Anti-puffiness & Anti-dark circles
Apply the product (1 pump for each eye) under the lower eyelid, upper eyelid then smoothing the eye contour wrinkles.

- Anti-Wrinkle
Apply the product (1 pump for the lip contour) above the upper lip, lower lip, then smoothing vertically the micro-lines of the lip contour.
Repeat this smoothing action 3 times on these 3 areas.

- Beauty Tips:
For treating specially the facial wrinkles, Eye & Lip contour cream applicator can be used again after cleansing to apply caviaressence serum.