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Product Description

This complete skin tint protects and hydrates the skin and gives a perfectly natural radiance with a natural make-up look all day long. Squalane and Mango seed butter in the formulation soften and nourish the skin, blurring fine lines.

Product information

1. Aqua Resistant Formula
- Stable aqua fitting polymer gel keeps moisture from evaporating by forming Aqua Veil
- Natural polysaccharide derived by fermentation functioning as skin protective film

2. Excellent Moisturizing
- Great in moisturizing: comparing to existing BB cream, ‘Multi-Protection Skin Tint SPF15’ contains 80% of the moisturizing ingredients

3. AS Treated Cover Powder Formula
- Use powder coated with dermotropic organic silicon
   -> Soft & even texture
   -> Excellently stick to skin: keep make-up film for a long time
- Aqua formula: refreshing & moisturizing
- Remarkable Waterproofing Function: not easily removed with sweat and sebum

Skin Type

All Skin Types

How to use

Apply as a last step in your skin care regimen. Starting with a small amount of product, apply in the center of the face and blend outwards. Wear alone or under foundation.