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Skin Type

All skin types


Ingredients & Effects

1. Gold (24 carats)
- 24K gold improves skin’s elasticity and provides anti-aging benefit by catalyzing blood circulation and promoting cell regeneration
- Promotes the growth of the skin cells by replacing the aging cells for revitalization

2. Caviar Extract
- Caviar is a substance extracted from the unfertilized eggs of sturgeon. It contains essential amino acids, unsaturated fatty acids, magnesium, zinc, vitamins A, D, E, B1, and provides nutrients, such as B6, nourishing and conditioning skin and providing vitality.
- Helps restore suppleness, smoothness and activates the metabolism

3. Niacinamide
- Powerful skin-renewing ingredient
- Clarifies uneven skin tones and lightens spots for a clear, brighter and more pearly translucent skin
- Complexion appears fresher, smoother and healthier

4. Adenosine
- Increases the production of collagen and elastin reducing sagginess
- Increases the production of Hyaluronic acid improving skin tone
- Exfoliates dead skin cells and stimulates surface skin cell renewal
- Strengthens the skin surface and prevents moisture loss
- Stimulates cell development improving cell volume


How to use

1. Thoroughly cleanse & dry face.
2. Open the packet and take out the upper and lower sheets. Remove plastic films from both sides of the sheets.
3. Apply the upper and lower sheets onto the face and smooth out any air bubbles with fingers.
4. Wear the mask for 20~30 minutes and peel off slowly from the edges. Gently massage remaining essence into the skin.