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AbsoluCaviar M-Polar Regenerating Treatment


Our Golden Crystal Stick (GCS) treatment employs the use of three exclusive technologies to maximize treatment efficacy and provide you with immediate, tangible results: #


“Semiconductor Crystal Rod” technology stimulates the positive and negative molecules in body tissue, creating a “Polarized Electronic Movement”. It transfers bio-heat through Electromagnetic Wave Frequencies, and allows for substantially faster penetration of treatment components into the dermis layer of the skin.


Proprietary “Golden Powder,” contained within the Semiconductor Crystal Rod, releases large quantities of stable-frequency energy each second. The energy can reach up to 6,000,000Hz, and helps activate cells and increase skin collagen.


The exclusive rod-shaped design can effectively cover a large area of the skin. It helps boost collagen activity, visibly helps reduce wrinkles, and improves firmness of the skin. Approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA), this technology has been tested to be usable on all areas of the body.


AbsoluCaviar Infinite Regenerating Serum – 8 Total Rejuvenating Effects:

- Regeneration (Gold Complex)

- Revitalization (Diamond Powder, Bio-Marine Complex)

- Restructuration (Date Palm Pure Active Cells)

- Firming (Saffron Pure Active Cells)

- Nutrition (Argan Oil)

- Radiance (Dark Micro-Algae Extract)

- Hydra-Restructuring (Hydra-Restructuring Hyaluronic Complex)

- Anti-Oxidization (Vitamin E)



- Uplifts and firms skin

- Accelerates facial blood circulation and smoothens skin for natural radiance

- Improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines


Suitable for

- Skin showing signs of aging




AbsoluCaviar M-Polar Regenerating Treatment

# Individual results may vary.